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We Offer Concrete Grinding For Commercial, Civil & Residential Customers Across Adelaide

Concrete Busters is one of the main concrete-cutting companies in Adelaide with an impressive history spanning over 15 years in the industry. Our dedicated & growing team specialises in providing quality concrete cutting, core drilling, and concrete grinding services throughout Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, and wider regional areas of South Australia.

We are committed to reaching our clients wherever they are, ensuring no job is too remote or challenging.

In addition to our core services, Concrete Busters is particularly skilled in concrete grinding, a vital service for both residential and commercial construction projects in Adelaide. Our expertise in concrete grinding allows us to effectively prepare surfaces for further construction or renovation, making us a go-to choice for clients seeking precision and excellence in this area.

Concrete Grinding in Adelaide

At Concrete Busters, we tackle a wide array of projects, ranging from small residential tasks to large-scale commercial and civil assignments across Adelaide & regional South Australia.

We are equipped with the latest tools and technology in the concrete cutting industry, enabling us to perform high-quality construction work that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Our growing team at Concrete Busters takes great pride in our work which can be seen by our reviews online & word of mouth around SA. We ensure that every project is approached with a focus on cleanliness, precision, speed, efficiency, and affordability.

This commitment to quality is evident in every task we undertake, particularly in our specialised concrete grinding services in Adelaide.

To get a quote on your concrete grinding in Adelaide please give our team a call today for a free quote.

When is concrete grinding used?

Concrete grinding is performed to remove tile glue, leveling concrete for footpaths, flooring, and concrete over pour. Concrete Busters will grind your concrete dry using a dry vac for no mess and no dust.

Ensuring Concrete Busters is competitive in this industry we use only the latest diamond blades and Husqvarna machinery giving you a fast, efficient and clean cut every time-saving time and money. The van is fully self-contained with its own water supply, pump and power so we can handle any job on any site.

We work hard to deliver you complete customer satisfaction and we will never leave a project until you are satisfied with the results.

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Who You Gonna Call? The Concrete Busters. We can do the concrete grinding for residential homes, commercial business, properties, and buildings as well as any civil projects in Adelaide. If you would like to get a free quote on your concrete grinding please call Brett on 0428 974 775.

Or you can send us an email at brett@concretebusters.com.au

If you would like to learn more about us please read our Google Reviews from our current clients.

Based on 10 reviews
Justine Chambers
Justine Chambers
These guys were so helpful on the phone. Didn't even do the job for us but were so helpful with giving us information. Good info too.
Anton N
Anton N
We used Concrete busters to cut a retaining wall for us. they were quick, affordable & friendly, would highly recommend them if you are looking for a concrete cutter.
I called Brett for a quote and he was very helpful in assisting me to find a contractor that would be able to do our job. Not often you get this kind of helpful advice - much appreciated! I'd recommend contacting Brett if you need any work done as he seems honest and helpful
Jen Chau
Jen Chau
Great job. Good customer service.
Ed Smith
Ed Smith
I strongly recommend C B to demolish your concrete. Brett was very well equipped with the necessary tools. My 45m2 concrete patio was neatly cut and demolished. All in two days. Rubble was also carted away and the work site was levelled and left clean and tidy.
Very happy with the final result, thanks guys 🙂
Digital Getup
Digital Getup
I have been dealing with Concrete Busters for several months now, they are very professional, reliable and i highly recommend them.
Greg Talifero
Greg Talifero
Used Brett today, very proffessional, considerate and he was well equipped with the latest equipment. I strongly recommend his service.
Had some work done around the house today. Some cuts across a path so I can trench stormwater, some holes drilled for drainage, a channel in my floor and another couple of channels in the wall for power cables. Work was just as requested. Turned up on time, accurate cuts and holes, the concrete slurry was vacuumed up afterwards leaving the site clean. I recommend, and will use again if I need any more work done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Concrete Grinding in Adelaide

Seasonal weather patterns might dictate the best times to perform outdoor concrete grinding to ensure optimal results and safety.

Concrete grinding can generate sparks, and while these sparks typically do not get hot enough to ignite materials, they can pose a fire hazard under certain conditions.

Sparks from angle grinders, which are often used for concrete grinding, can ignite flammable materials in the surrounding area if they fall continuously on the same spot of highly flammable material. The sparks produced by angle grinders generally result from the tool cutting through metal, and the heat generated can potentially ignite combustible gases or vapors in the air.

At Concrete Busters, we take care to make sure the area that we our grinding is well and truly free of any materials that may cause any fires. It takes a lot of sparks in one area to great a fire so it is extremely rare.

But as the Adelaide Hills is no stranger to Bush Fires we take a lot of care regardless.

Benefits of concrete grinding include:

  • Removing imperfections
  • Preparing the surface for new flooring
  • Polishing the concrete
  • Removing residue
  • Evening out the surface
  • Removing old coatings and adhesives.

Yes, it can be noisy, requiring hearing protection.

The dust level depends on the technique; dry grinding produces more dust, while wet grinding minimises it. We do both, but more than likely would be using water to reduce the dust and mess.