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Do you need some concrete or bitumen cut or removed in Lyndoch?

Commercial – Industrial – Civil – Residential

Concrete Busters can handle just about any job, no matter what the size, being able to work on residential, commercial & civil & industrial work.

The busters van even comes equipped with a full water tank & pump, power generator, safety flashing lights, and of course cup holders! We have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Having worked on projects as big as the Urban Superway to the smallest cutting of doorways and windows in residential homes, the Concrete Busters Pty Ltd will bust just about anything that you can’t or won’t.

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Concrete Cutting in Nuriootpa

Concrete Cutting in Lyndoch

Concrete cutting is performed to make or enlarge doors, and cut trenches for plumbing, sump pumps, drains, electrical conduit, or other utilities. We also cut through floors, foundations, driveways, footpaths, walls, retaining walls & much more.

Concrete Removal in Nuriootpa

Concrete Removal in Lyndoch

With any concrete cutting or drilling job, Concrete Busters can and will remove any waste created from your job site. No job is too big or too small, we specialise in tight access jobs & can remove your concrete cutting waste.

Bitumen Cutting in Nuriootpa

Bitumen Cutting in Lyndoch

Bitumen cutting is performed on roads for access/replacement/installation of services such as water mains, electrical cables, fiber optics etc. Removal of bitumen to allow construction of new road

Concrete Core Drilling in Nuriootpa

Concrete Core Drilling in Lyndoch

Concrete core drilling through stone, brick, masonry, concrete, bitumen from 18mm to 650mm diameter at any depth required. Core drilling is performed to create a precise, neat core hole through concrete pits, walls for the use of plumbing, stormwater, electrical conduits, pest control bait holes, split systems and much more.

Concrete Grinding in Nuriootpa

Concrete Grinding in Lyndoch

Concrete grinding is performed to remove tile glue, leveling concrete for footpaths, flooring, and concrete over-pour. Concrete Busters will grind your concrete dry using a dry vac for no mess and no dust. We can work on homes, businesses, and industrial /civil areas of properties, call us today for a quote.

Concrete Scanning in Nuriootpa

Concrete Scanning in Lyndoch

Concrete Busters now uses the latest technology to scan through concrete up to 150mm depth. Scanning is performed prior to any cutting or drilling taking place to help locate electrical, water services and steel bars. Our equipment can locate point to point up to 1.3m thick.

Concrete Chain Sawing in Nuriootpa

Concrete Chain Sawing in Lyndoch

Concrete chainsawing is performed to give you square cuts in corners to avoid over cuts you would normally see from other forms of concrete sawing. Cutting up to 450mm depth. Concrete Busters can cut and remove all waste leaving the job site clean and tidy.

Concrete Ring Chain Sawing in Nuriootpa

Concrete Ring Chain Sawing in Lyndoch

Concrete ring sawing up to 270mm depth using the best ring saw from Husqvarna, a convenient handheld machine for concrete and brick wall cutting in areas where big machinery cannot. Concrete Busters can cut and remove all waste leaving the job site clean and tidy.

Concrete Hand Sawing in Nuriootpa

Concrete Hand Sawing in Lyndoch

Concrete handsaw cutting up to 155mm depth through floors and walls, this allows to get through a standard precast wall through one side. Concrete handsaw cutting is performed for those areas that are inaccessible by the larger floor saws, they are more convenient and versatile for cutting through bricks and concrete walls.

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Based on 10 reviews
Justine Chambers
Justine Chambers
These guys were so helpful on the phone. Didn't even do the job for us but were so helpful with giving us information. Good info too.
Anton N
Anton N
We used Concrete busters to cut a retaining wall for us. they were quick, affordable & friendly, would highly recommend them if you are looking for a concrete cutter.
I called Brett for a quote and he was very helpful in assisting me to find a contractor that would be able to do our job. Not often you get this kind of helpful advice - much appreciated! I'd recommend contacting Brett if you need any work done as he seems honest and helpful
Jen Chau
Jen Chau
Great job. Good customer service.
Ed Smith
Ed Smith
I strongly recommend C B to demolish your concrete. Brett was very well equipped with the necessary tools. My 45m2 concrete patio was neatly cut and demolished. All in two days. Rubble was also carted away and the work site was levelled and left clean and tidy.
Very happy with the final result, thanks guys :)
Digital Getup
Digital Getup
I have been dealing with Concrete Busters for several months now, they are very professional, reliable and i highly recommend them.
Greg Talifero
Greg Talifero
Used Brett today, very proffessional, considerate and he was well equipped with the latest equipment. I strongly recommend his service.
Had some work done around the house today. Some cuts across a path so I can trench stormwater, some holes drilled for drainage, a channel in my floor and another couple of channels in the wall for power cables. Work was just as requested. Turned up on time, accurate cuts and holes, the concrete slurry was vacuumed up afterwards leaving the site clean. I recommend, and will use again if I need any more work done.

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