Do you have an old or cracked concrete path around your home or office?

If you do then we can help you.

Concrete although strong and long lasting can falter in many ways. The most common way is through time and over time concrete can chip & degrade. This chipping allows small amounts of water to slowly seep through the cracks, which in turn can speed up the process of cracking. 

The second most common reason for your driveway, concrete path & steps to crack is just simply how it was made. 

There are many tradesmen out there that don’t use the proper technics or materials to concrete your home or office areas. We can point you in the right direction in this regard. 

Here are some helpful tips or things to look out for when talking to a concrete business:

  • Find out what Metal Mesh they will be using 
  • Find out the strength of the concrete
  • Also discuss how they will pour the concrete, along with how they place the mesh. 
  • If you are pouring concrete near another block of concrete discuss the use of dowes (connecting pieces of metal from one slab to the next)

Concrete cutting the side path

This is what we can help with, we can work on any size job and in hard to reach places. We provide free quotes and can get the job done in a day in most cases. Just depends on the size of the job. 

We not only cut the concrete but we will also take the concrete away, along with preparing and smoothing out the ground. 

If you would like a free quote or to learn more about concrete cutting or concrete pouring please give us a call today. 

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