N.B. We did not actually jump off a cliff, Brett has done the giant swing in Lake Taupo NZ….maybe we’ll show you footage of this one day.

Well, we did it, we took that jump and now we have to swim for our lives. 

If you’ve read us About Us page you’ll see we’re a husband and wife team doing it for ourselves. Brett my husband has always been a hard worker straight from high school, he was steered into Concrete Cutting and hasn’t looked back! But after 15 years of working for ‘the man’ he realised…hey why couldn’t I just do this for myself?
He has the knowledge, he has the skills and he gets on well with everyone, so surely drumming up business for a service he knows he can provide and be proud of wouldn’t be that hard (as opposed to the concrete he’s cutting). He also has a fabulous, supporting wife (me!) aka ‘The Boss’ to do all the paperwork and is a little bit tech savvy (also modest) to present and promote the business online!

Together we jumped straight into orchestrating our first steps and getting that business plan down pact. Brett even surprised me with creating his own business logo you now see everywhere, (I’m a little bit proud of him). It’s only been the first couple of weeks on our own, so far so good.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Concrete Busters’ blog… 

concrete busters van